Safety Light & Whistle

Safety Light & Whistle

Safety light with dome and compact whistle


In situations where being seen is a must


Safety light


The tiny safety light packs a 45 lumen LED. With a large carabiner loop, this handheld light can hang off of a gear loop on your BCD or can be attached to your wrist directly. The DAN Safety light comes with a snap on cone to convert your flashlight into a marker light or to provide area lighting.

Waterproof to 100M. (Batteries included)


Compact whistle


A sleek and compact whistle with an innovative and practical design. No moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate and flawless, consistent and reliable. The harder you blow, the louder the sound. Easy to blow and cannot be overblown. Chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water. The whistle will be heard above ambient noise, the roar of engines, breaking waves and thundering gale-force winds.